Why I Want To Be Your Commissioner
Carroll County
I believe a Carroll County Commissioner’s primary focus should be on Carroll County. The nitty-gritty management of the County is not always exciting or headline grabbing but ensuring that we invest in our infrastructure, public health, and education is what maintains our quality of life and property values and keeps Carroll County a great place to live generation after generation.

As your commissioner, I would concentrate on things that affect us locally rather than use the position to promote my own ideological agenda on national issues. Additionally, as your Commissioner, I pledge to work with other elected officials representing Carroll at both the municipal and state levels as well as with our elected school board to resolve issues in a manner best for the county and its citizens.

I am running for County Commissioner in District 3 because I want to be your representative in the county. If you elect me I will listen to you not only in the months before the election but also in the years after the election. I have the experience, know-how, and passion to fulfill the duties of the position. I look forward to meeting and talking to you over the coming months to share my experience and ideas and to hear your concerns and thoughts. Please contact me at info@mariawarburton.com to set something up or just to ask me a question or two.

Maria Warburton
My First 30 days

Maria Warburton For Commissioner Brochure
News and Events
10-17-14. Experienced, Qualified, Committed and Ready to Lead.
Eight months ago, I filed for the office of District 3 Carroll County Commissioner. I filed because I was fed up with the antics of the current board of commissioners. Fed up with them expecting praise for their stalwart stand on public prayer by elected officials, meanwhile looking to cut funding to local non profits. Fed up with them claiming to have the most innovative school choice program around by redirecting $800,000 to an off the books fund with no checks and balances, while teachers leave and students are turned away from our Career and Tech Center. Fed up with them claiming to support property rights,

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9-19-14. Ready to Work for Carroll Residents.
With the general election only weeks away, I thought this a good time to reintroduce myself.

My husband and I have been property owners in Carroll since 1986 and residents since 1988. We raised two sons here, one a recent college graduate now working full-time and the other a junior at Loyola University.

I graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in forest resource management and earned a master's degree from University of Maryland 15 years later. I am employed by the Department of the Environment, working with municipalities and counties across the state. I have experience in wastewater and drinking water operations, waste management, construction, logging and agricultural practices, among other things. While I believe regulations serve a purpose, I also have seen how they can go overboard. During my years as an inspector, many contractors and developers recognized me as being fair and considerate.

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Wine Tasting Meet & Greet. September 19th.
Event: Wine Tasting Meet & Greet
Date: Friday September 19th from 6 - 9 p.m.
Location: Fellowship Hall - St. Paul's United Church of Christ.
17 Bond St.
Westminster MD 21157.

Price: $40 per ticket.
Description: Wine Tasting - by the sip or by the glass
featuring Bernie Vogel, local fine wine specialist. Catering by Uptowne Catering, with a variety "heavy hors d'oeuvres". Stop by for a brief visit or plan to stay awhile.
8-21-14. Partnerships could bring turf fields.
Tryouts are over. Practice is under way. Games are about to begin. Everything is set. The only unknown is the weather. Here in Carroll, high school coaches and athletic directors worry much more about the weather than many of their counterparts in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties, and even Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick, Harford, and Worcester counties. Why? Turf fields.

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6-27-14. Working together transcends party.
Conservative. Liberal. Big government. Small government. Republican. Democrat. There was lots of talk leading up to the recent primary on the meaning of these words.

During early voting I spent time each day at Carroll’s polling location. For much of that time I stood near a gentleman volunteering for a candidate in a different race. We ended up engaging in many conversations, including about our kids, recreational, travel and collegiate sports, local recreational facilities and lack thereof, taxes, jobs, local government and a little about politics.

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5-16-14. Residents voice many concerns.
Attending the May 12 budget hearing, I noticed that the crowd was much less than last year.

Was this because folks are tired of showing up, testifying and feeling like they aren’t heard? Was it because the commissioners have succeeded in lulling everyone into thinking things are OK by handing out one-time funding to the school system and non-profits? Was it because citizens have

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4-14-14. Rain Tax Savings?
The commissioners are all grabbing headlines for saving us from the “rain tax.” I fail to see what they saved us from.

To explain, it’s important to know that even without the rain tax, or the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program Act, the county is required to install stormwater management to mitigate for runoff from uncontrolled impervious surfaces.

The new law required the creation of a county program

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4-10-14. District 3 - Candidate Forum. 7pm
Westminster Senior & Community Center
125 Stoner Avenue
Westminster, Maryland 21157

Watch it live online at www.carrollmediacenter.org
3-11-14. Non-partisan…?
The most recent Carroll County Times online poll asked the question “Do you think all local political races should be non-partisan…?” An overwhelming 69% of respondents answered “Yes.” This means that 69% of those answering think that whether a person is a Republican or Democrat is of little relevance when it comes to taking care of local concerns such as public health, public safety, adequate roads, and maintenance of other county infrastructure. Instead,

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